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"Home" is the second studio effort from Music Of 25, a collection of projects by an Austin/TX based songwriter named Travis Pope. This sophomore release expands on it's predecessor's dedication to concept with five detailed songs about the songwriter's five homes: San Antonio, Abilene, Cleburne, Lubbock, and Austin. Each song was composed in it's respective city, features musicians relative to that location, and was recorded in Austin/TX @5th Street Studios.

"Home" is a guitar-centric blend of memory and research into the soundmarks that form one's concept of shelter. It is a mix of the subjective and objective, looking to expand on how we define home with this songwriter's attempt.


released January 1, 2020

Home was written and produced in 2019 by Travis Pope to serve as a time capsule for later years.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Evan Kleinecke at 5th Street Studios in Austin, Texas.
-Assisted by the capable interns Jacob, Leon, and Carlo
Artwork/Photography by Travis Pope

1. San Antonio
Percussion by Chase Francis
Written by Travis Pope
Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Vocals by Travis Pope

2. Abilene
Percussion by Chase Francis
Lead Guitar/Background Vocals by Vars Pope
Viola by Jason Elinoff
Written by Travis Pope
Rhythm Guitar/Bass/K-Loop/Vocals by Travis Pope

3. Cleburne
Percussion by Chase Francis
Viola by Jason Elinoff
Written by Travis Pope
Guitar/Bass/Vocals by Travis Pope
Outro Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

4. Lubbock
Percussion by Chase Francis
Written by Travis Pope with help from Tyler Hardy
Guitar/Bass/Keyboard by Travis Pope

5. Austin
Percussion by Chase Francis
Bass by John Densmore
Synthesizer by John Densmore
Backing Vocals by John Densmore and Chelsey Pope
Viola by Jason Elinoff
Written by Travis Pope
Classical Guitar/Vocals by Travis Pope


all rights reserved



Music Of 25 Austin, Texas

Music Of 25 is an extension of Travis Pope, a project-driven songwriter based in Austin, Texas. He focuses on duality and memory with a guitar centric approach.

This project's debut album Big Black was digitally released on July 25, 2018.

Writing for the sophomore release Home began January 2019. Home aims to bolster Music Of 25’s discography on New Year's Day 1/1/2020.
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Track Name: San Antonio
I'd like to see you, see you at home tonight
I'd like to see you, see you

In the scene that used to follow us
I was honest when I said I see you
Not to drain or make a power play plus
it's not my style
In that scene that used to border us
With the r's slightly trilled
I was honest when I said I see you, I lied about how much I looked

All this, Armistice
All this, bringing up home
Decoding luck as it flows through old pillars

I'd like to see you, see you at home tonight
I'd like to see you, see you
I'd like to see you curt. Direct like a gun/avenues to run/Austin Highway
I'd like to see you curt. Asking why/living by the gardens off Broadway
I'd like to see you curt. Trinity garages/well read mirages/orbiting
I'd like to see you curt. Preaching street lights/waiting for night/Questions bounce/Structures ping

All this, Armistice
In a long, dark, and cavernous room
An intrepid progression calling back, back, back
All this, bringing up home
decoding luck as it flows through old pillars
With eyes on the penultimate city
Old pillars guide the flow of serendipity
Enriched like the dirt in old, carpeted classrooms
Fighting the lid, where are the mids? They've been missing since the '97 boom.

Street lights/McNay lights/Rabbit lights
Track Name: Abilene
Cattlemen and Chisholm Trail copies
This is my friendly frontier counterpoint
KACU and student coffees
Mason Williams flashpoint

In the Garden of the Gospels
Beloved guards patiently wait
Built around the mesas
As if the tablelands could block judgement day

Here we are in the Key City
The old meets the new atop the red clay
The current call it frontiering
The venerable protect the old way

A railroad divides it down the middle
Many roads cut underneath
The Philharmonic bolstered by the fiddle
Pioneers and clinched teeth
Track Name: Cleburne
Driving up 171 to a big old pain that never died
A thirst never quelled rides the margins of an otherwise
Meticulously quilted fabric in the seat of Johnson County
Where those who are left still pray for God's bounty

Holding on through booms dancing with pink slips
Crestwood a lesson that work's pro tempore
Santa Fe rails to P.O.W. pails and 60's era press clips
The old courthouse square has quite the story

March 13th arrived, relatives cried as we
Tried to give our last goodbye
Old hurt never sold, so the moment revolved around
A nervous red suit and velvet tie

Holding on through boasts of past pink slips
I glanced over at Leon during the legal revelry
He looked at her eyes pictured on memorial cards and clips and held on
Teaching lessons as he always did
Track Name: Lubbock
Wind turbines/ Stail air on the return
Reinforced coffee/ Introduce McCormicks throat burn
Bright House/ The Maverick/ Earn/ 2205
Bledsoe relief/ Trips/ Strip hard to come by
88.1 Strong
Influence/Wrong song
Stacks and Billings/ Dry skin
High Plains/ Cotton Gin

Going the way down
Going way down Slide

Couldn't get the focus
Everything constricts
Could only earn about an hour
Couldn't make it upstate
Couldn't get the focusrite to Ryan
Everything constricts
Could only be there for an hour, so Hardy's out
No blame, no waste
The scissor tail moves on

Oil derricks/Hub Electric/Heat Lightning carries on
Track Name: Austin
Dreams of the city
Dreams of what's pretty

So you dream of Austin?
Planning violet hello's?
Don't confuse what you want
With something that is

So we're talking Austin
Know the Austin Hello?
Won't defuse what you want?
For something that is?

Feel the pull to Austin?
Daydreaming bricks of yellow?
Follow that wonder that your heroes taught?
Use those lessons that your authors bought

Now you've come to Austin?
Receive an Austin Hello?
Will the wild faze you into cloudy wants?
Rent Increases/ Nativist taunts

Transplanted now in Austin
Learning Granite Hello's
Hurry up and wait
Three jobs and you're late

Dreaming live in Austin
Glitzy Hairy Hello's
Fire up the cans/ Check the sounds
Hear the echoes from the last round

Dreaming live in Austin
Causing you to mellow?
Shade vs shadows dancing downtown
See the echoes from the last round?

What a thing this dream of Austin
Will you resist new Hello's?
Now protecting what you want
And defining what is

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